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oevermann April 12, 2006 04:02

I'm trying to implement a stan
I'm trying to implement a standard projection method
into OpenFoam. For one of the projection steps I need to solve a pressure poisson equation with the pressure defined on the nodes of the grid. From my understanding, most solvers in OpenFoam are such that all variable are defined in cell centers and eventually interpolated onto cell faces. Is it possible to use the solve() command with a variable living on grid nodes? And do all the differential operators such as laplacian, div, etc. work on nodes?

Thanks for info


hjasak April 12, 2006 06:05

Hi Michael, The tet decompo
Hi Michael,

The tet decomposition solvers will give you a solution on vertices (and other points as well). However, if I were you I would not just jump at it.

The info you have given so far is insufficient for a proper answer. We've got a bunch of points on an unstrictured mesh and you wish to solve the Poisson equation on them. You said nothing on the method of discretisation, approximation of spatial integrals, matrix structure, accuracy etc.


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