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zou_mo January 12, 2006 03:39

Which solver in OpenFOAM1.2 ca
Which solver in OpenFOAM1.2 can be used to simulate this problem? I am not a expert for combustion.

Thanks all.

lucchini January 12, 2006 04:27

Hi Zou! OpenFOAM has two solv
Hi Zou!
OpenFOAM has two solvers for turbulent combustion:

- XiFoam: solver for turbulent premixed combustion with the Weller model (known also as b-Xi)

- ReactingFoam: solver for turbulent combustion with the Partially Stirred Reactor Model and complex chemistry. The partially stirred reactor is a modified version of the EDC model by Magnussen.

If you want to use the finite rate chemistry model you have to implement it by yourself. Before implementing that, study in detail the two applications I previously mentioned.

Also have a look at the classes contained in





zou_mo March 29, 2006 01:41

Thank you. Now I want to simu
Thank you.
Now I want to simulate the turbulent combustion in the SCRAMJET combustor shown below:
The air and fuel are injected into the field from different positions.

In OpenFOAM, which solver can be used to to this? ReactingFoam or other?


zou_mo March 29, 2006 23:50

My own CFD code failed to give
My own CFD code failed to give nice result for the problem mentioned above. If possible, I want to solve it with OpenFOAM.

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