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tsjb00 March 29, 2006 20:03

Hi! I am trying to model a rou
Hi! I am trying to model a round jet where cold fuel is injected into air using LES. My code is similar to ReactingFoam, but with compressible LES model. The results show that the jet almost goes straightly from one end of the domain to the other with little/no mixing with the air. Such problem doesn't exit when I run the case with the original ReactingFoam.

My questions are:
1) Is the problem more likely caused by mesh/boundary condition/initialization or my code?
2) The rho, Y, p, U solvers in my code are basically the same as the ones in ReactingFoam. Do I miss some terms in these solvers for LES modelling?

Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!


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