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hartinger August 9, 2005 12:41

Hi, I've written my own me

I've written my own mesh deformation routine and want to run it in parallel, but doesn't work yet. I have no experience in that either. Could you give me a hint, where to start. And probably list some DOs and DONTs.

Thank you

mattijs August 9, 2005 14:07

Since you only are moving poin
Since you only are moving points (and not changing topology) you only have to make sure the point positions on processor patches are synchronized.

This is all done for you already in the motionSolver (see e.g. icoFoamAutoMotion.C) which determines internal point positions given boundary conditions.

If you want to do it yourself:
a. there are points on the processor patches shared between two processors only.
b. there are points shared between more than two processors.

a. is handled by sending one half to the other half and averaging so that both halves have the same value

b. is usually handled by sending all these coordinates to the master which determines a single value for all and sends it back.

Use motionSolver is my advice ;-)

hartinger August 9, 2005 14:20

thanks, i have a look on motio
thanks, i have a look on motionSolver

skherad March 11, 2006 08:30

Dear all is it possible to ru
Dear all
is it possible to run engine cases(geometry deformation ) in parallel?
thank you for your time

mattijs March 13, 2006 14:07

The geometry deformation runs
The geometry deformation runs in parallel. There are some parallellizations problems though with other aspects of engine cases (notably injector specification). Have a search to find that one.

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