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segersson March 6, 2006 04:53

Hi, I'm modifying the RNGkEps
I'm modifying the RNGkEpsilon turbulence model to use wall functions with non-uniform roughness. Since the roughness coefficient (ks) is only needed on the boundary I would like to include a "boundaryField" for this variable among the members of the turbulende model (it seems unnecessary to create a volScalarField when only values on the boundaries are needed). Can anybody tell me how to create and use this kind of field or fieldlist? After some looking in Doxygen I tried GeometricBoundaryField, but it does not seem to work (at least not the way I'm using it).


mattijs March 6, 2006 05:22

Use - FieldField : a field fo
- FieldField : a field for every patch, no internal field reference. Reference counted.


- PtrList<field>. Same but not reference counted.

You construct them with the number of patches as argument and then setSize the members to be of the size of the patch.

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