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liugx212 March 3, 2006 02:51

Hi all, I have a question t
Hi all,

I have a question that I want to change the cavity case of the icoFoam to simulate the porous media. As the disscussion, I have add the source term to soler as: + Sp(nu*W, U). Here the W is the 1/K (K is the permeability). Also, I set the nu (viscosity), P, and U. I tested by set one cell of U as the injection point by giving different initial value. But the result is strange.

As we know, the result should be the circle around the injection point. But there is not. I am thinking whether I need change Ux, Uy and Uz to polar coordinates or not. Or soewhere is wrong. I really have no idea. Could anybody help me please?

Thank you very much.

liugx212 March 3, 2006 11:36

Hi all, Could you help me s
Hi all,

Could you help me see the function is right (Sp(nu*W, U)). And how about the other of above?

Thanks a lot.

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