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jojo February 23, 2006 13:05

Hi everybody, I have seen m
Hi everybody,

I have seen many discussions about engine simulations on this forum (maybe I have missed some of them). The main concern is, of course, the moving mesh by addition or removal of cell layers, like in Kiva.

At the current stage (OpenFOAM 1.2), is the cell layer addition removal working for the common user in the engine tutorial or not ? There are literatures on the Web where it is claimed that this feature is now implemented. But I have not seen where in the code nor in the forum or documentation.

By the way, all my congratulations to the developers. OpenFOAM is certainly one of the most powerful CFD software available now.

hjasak February 23, 2006 15:59

There's no packed engine tutor
There's no packed engine tutorial, but there are other examples, e.g. the moving obstacle in a box with 2 layer addition/removal mesh modifiers I have given to Pei a while back (have another look at the dynamic mesh changes thread).

As for the implementation, the class lives in:


and other files in the same directory. The hook-up to the solver and mapping is done in a number of places, most notably in polyMesh and fvMesh.

I know people at Politecnico di Milano are doing real engine simulations with it and you can find their presentation slides from the OpenFOAM Workshop in Zagreb at:



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