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liugx212 December 13, 2005 00:25

Dear all, I am a new learne
Dear all,

I am a new learner in openfoam. Could you please tell the calcilation of cell expression. Each cell is described by 6 elements. But I am not clear how to calculate these 6 elements. Could you please give some advice?

Thanks a lot.

jballen February 17, 2006 18:32

Hi, I am interested in obta

I am interested in obtaining the x,y,z max min coordinate boundaries for a given cell. I know for example that mesh.bounds() is good for this type of thing for the entire domain extent. Can you assist me with this.


mattijs February 18, 2006 14:25

- get the vertices of cellI:
- get the vertices of cellI:


- get the coordinate of vertex:


so to get the bounding box of a cell just loop over the cellPoints and get the min and max.

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