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dharvey February 10, 2006 01:37

Hello, I have been explori

I have been exploring OpenFOAM for a little bit now. Overall this is a great piece of software and kudos for releasing open-source!

I am particularily interested in several items:

implementation of multicomponent diffusion
implementation of porous media
implementation of chemical reaction mechanisms

for the multicomponent diffusion, I am interested to know what people have attempted to date?

the porous media is just the addition of the momentum sink to the general momentum equations, but this will require the modification of gas-phase diffusivities via the above diffusion question, as well as modification for the effective thermal conductivity etc.

I am particularily interested in being able to subset addition equations aka the UDF option found in the Fluent commercial code, as I have written code that deals with the microscopic behaviour of electrochemical catalysts. These generally result in a feed in to a source term for a generic scalar transport equation which is then solved throughout several sub-domains.

Your thoughts please.



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