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georgkuhn February 2, 2006 11:12

Hi all, I am a really Newbe
Hi all,

I am a really Newbe in OpenFoam and need some advice from people who have much more experience than I in CFD an especially in OpenFoam.

I do a semester project with openFoam at my university.

In a first step I want to develop a non-reactive LES spray solver. Ok I think the existing dieselFoam solver is a good point to start. I have imported the LES-stuff from Xoodles into dieselFoam and compile my solver.

But what are the initial conditions for k, muSGS and the turbulence properties (delta,ck,ce,etc)? Are there other things which I have to take into account when I change the turbulence model for this solver/case. My goal is to compare the aachenBomb case with the dieselFoam solver (based on RANS) and my dieselLESFoam solver to see where are the differences.

Perhaps anyone out there is able to help me?

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