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fedegavo January 20, 2006 13:28

hi, i was making a simulation
hi, i was making a simulation using sonicTurbFoam with OpenFoam 1.2, but now i've to work with 1.1. starting the simualtion and adapting the "divSchemes" part, now it gives me this error message:

FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : keyword laplacian((rho|A(U)),p) is undefined in dictionary "/gamma/gaviraghi/OpenFOAM/vampire2/system/fvSchemes::laplacianSchemes"

file: /gamma/gaviraghi/OpenFOAM/vampire2/system/fvSchemes::laplacianSchemes from line 53 to line 59.

Function: dictionary::lookupEntry(const word& keyword) const
in file: db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line: 148.

and this is the part of the file from 1.2:

default none;
laplacian(muEff,U) Gauss linear limited 0.5;
laplacian(DkEff,k) Gauss linear limited 0.5;
laplacian(DREff,R) Gauss linear limited 0.5;
laplacian(DepsilonEff,epsilon) Gauss linear limited 0.5;
laplacian((rho*1|A(U)),p) Gauss linear limited 0.5;
laplacian(alphaEff,h) Gauss linear limited 0.5;

default linear;

default corrected;

default no;

so, can someboby help me to adapt this file for the 1.1 version, please?



mattijs January 20, 2006 14:49

Just put that missing laplacia
Just put that missing laplacianScheme from the error message in there. (use copy&paste)

You seem to have one in there which looks very much like it but has an extra '*'

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