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galaad January 19, 2006 13:01

Hello, I'm trying to model

I'm trying to model thermal plasmas (MHD model for temperatures approximatively equal to 10 000K-30000K) and I'm using buoyantSimpleFoam more adapted to what I want than mhdFoam. In a first time, I want to validate my developments comparing with Fluent's code results (which are also validated with experimental results). I'm developing, step by step, the code and I try to insert first the Joule's effect term in the source term of the energy equation. This source term is about from 10e10 to 10e12 W.m-3 and is the principal heating source of the plasma. The temperatures obtained are about 10e5K to 10e6K which are not correct at all... I tried a lot of manipulation in order to see from where it could come from but I failed. So my question is: is OpenFOAM able to treat so heavy volumetric term...
Thank yo for your answers or explanations.

Frederic LAGO

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