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andy_andy January 10, 2006 01:39

Hello, I am presently plann

I am presently planning my research fund at the moment and want to know if i need to buy the CHEMKIN software.

I am pretty new to OpenFOAM and have started to adopt the code to compute laminar burning velocities for spherical explosions. I want to use chemical kinetic modelling, however Id rather not buy a CHEMKIN licence unless it is necessary to my own study. What does the OpenFOAM code actually require from the CHEMKIN package, is it only the CHEMKIN *.INP files such as those supplied with the ReactingFoam tutorial? Presently, the ReactingFOAM tutorial runs without any problems.

I have no plans to develop my own chemical scheme but I would like to attempt to implement others widely available in the literature. Hence, is it possible to do this without CHEMKIN by manipulating the *.INP files by hand?

Thanks in advance for any help.

niklas January 10, 2006 03:08

OpenFOAM does not require anyt
OpenFOAM does not require anything from the chemkin package.

It has its own implementation to read the .inp and .dat files together with a few stiff ODE schemes to treat the kinetics.


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