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bluemoth December 29, 2005 00:36

Hi all, I am interested in
Hi all,

I am interested in using OpenFOAM to solve a model of the fluid flow in the lens of the eye. This is part of my PhD. I have been reading a bit about OpenFOAM and C++, which there is a lot. But before I take the full plunge into OpenFOAM. I would like to get some feedback from the more sexperienced users.

I'm trying to model the fluid flow inside and outside the cells in the lens. This can be described by two coupled sets of Navier-Stokes equations. The two sets of equations are coupled through a source term (jw) and pressure difference. Because the flow in the lens is slow we can neglect the convective term leaving a linear system of equations. The set of equations are:

laplacian(nu_1,U_1) - grad(p_1) = 0
div(U_1) + L(p_1-p_2) - jw = 0

laplacian(nu_2,U_2) - grad(p_2) = 0
div(U_2) - L(p_1-p_2) + jw = 0

where the subscripts _1 and _2 denote the domain, inside and outside the cells. U is the velocity fields and p is the pressure field. L is the permeability of the cell membrane and jw is the source term which is driven by an osmotic pressure.

The inside of the cells domain have a zero flux boundary condition, that is why we need the pressure coupling and the sets of equations to be solves as one system. Otherwise with an arbitary source term jw the continuity equations most likely would not be satisfied.

So I was wondering whether this system of equations can be solved in OpenFOAM. From what I have read is seems posible. However I was wanting to get some feedback from more experienced users to comfort my thoughts.

Secondly, if anyone has any opinions, feedback, advice, tips, etc, on how I should approach this I would most appreciate it.

At the moment I have very little idea on how to add equations to OpenFOAM. I was going to start by playing around with some standard solvers, maybe the laplacianFoam solver. I have writen code to solve diffusion using c and fortran languages and using fvm and fem. I have a basic understanding of cfd.

Thanks you in advance for your help.

Cheers, Duane.

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