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zou_mo December 28, 2005 04:22

The moving boundary may belong
The moving boundary may belong to a complex geometry which is not at rest .How to simulate such problem? Is the standard solver interFoam able to do this?

Thanks all.

zou_mo December 28, 2005 09:01

And, who can give me a brief s
And, who can give me a brief statement about the difference between dynamicsMesh and movingFVmesh?
I can not catch it.

hjasak December 28, 2005 10:03

1) Correct. interFoam solver
1) Correct. interFoam solver includes the support for moving meshes and they are available on run-time selection. This allows you to choose the kind of moving mesh you wish to use.

2) In moving meshes, the number of points, faces and cells remains constant, as well as their connectivity. In other words, all that changes are the point positions. In dynamic meshes, on top of mesh motion you can have topological changes. Here, the number and connectivity of faces and cells changes during the simulation, i.e. new faces and cells may be introduced or the connectivity may be modified.



zou_mo December 28, 2005 21:33

Thank Jasak. I am clear now.
Thank Jasak. I am clear now.

So the original interFoam solver with moving mesh can be used to simulate free-surface for problem of moving boundary, and the motion of the moving boundary should be small.

If the motion is large, then the dynamic mesh should be considered?

It is interesting to do this simulation and FOAM will give me help.

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