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hillehillea December 20, 2005 10:42

Dear CFD-friends, I want to s
Dear CFD-friends,
I want to simulate the spreading of fume in a room with buoyantFoam and scalarTransportFoam. My idea was to start with bouyantFoam to determine the velocity. Afterwards the calculated values can be passed to scalarTransportFoam, which will solve the transport equation for the unknown concentration. How can I pass the field values automaically (they change every timestep)? Any other ideas to simulate the spreading of smoke?
Best regards
Marco Hilgert

gschaider December 21, 2005 04:50

I think what you want to do (a
I think what you want to do (although you don't know it yet) is write a new solver:

- copy the sources of bouyantFoam
- rename it (smokeFoam?)
- extract the relevant parts from scalarTransportFoam (creation of species field etc) and add them to your solver
- add the transport equation at the end of the time-loop

hillehillea December 22, 2005 07:28

Good idea Bernhard, unfortunat
Good idea Bernhard, unfortunately I failed to assemble the two solvers, but I just managed to write a script, which does exacly what I want. Thank you very much indeed.
Marco Hilgert

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