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frederic December 22, 2005 02:54

Hello, I am evaluating op

I am evaluating openFoam for an industrial use. I am calculating the
flow at engine outlet, between the turbine outlet and the silencer.

For that purpose, I have selected the sonicTurbFoam solver. With the
following initial and boundary conditions:

Initial conditions
-Inside flow: velocity 0, pressure 1 bar, temperature 643K, k=1000,

Boundary conditions
- Inlet velocities 80m/s, inlet k 1000, inlet epsilon 25000, inlet
temperature 643K.

The cfl number is, of course, less than 1. And after 6 days on a bi-opteron
64 bits, the case has reached 0.5 second.
All informations are very well calculated.
I compared the wave effects with the results of a 1D tool and the results
are very closed.

But I would like to increase the time step to reduce the calculation time.

What do you suggest me ?
Is it a good idea to change the time scheme to backward ?
Is it necessary to select an other solver ?

Thank you


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