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cicciopasticcio December 17, 2005 09:41

Hi everybody!! I'm a new us
Hi everybody!!

I'm a new user of open Foam but I must say at the same time that I am a beginner in Computational Fluid Dynamics.
I spent the last two weeks reading a book called
"An introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics : the finite volume method" written by Veersteg, Malalasekera.
There I found that one way to reach the solution to a pressure-velocity coupling problem is the staggered grid.
I would like to know if OpenFoam uses this kind of approach or it uses co-located grids.(I read the user manual but I couldn't find the answer to this question)

This was just an example of the kind of basic informations I would like to have about Open Foam. Is it possible to have some material about this kind of topics regarding Open Foam?

Thank you!

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