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hillehillea December 12, 2005 12:08

Dear OpenFoam Users, I`m i
Dear OpenFoam Users,

I`m investigating the differences between steady-state (with simpleFoam) and transient (with turbFoam) simulations and set up a very simple 2D-channel flow case (Re =4.0e6, 5000 Cells (structured, adapted in near wall regions),height: 1 m, length: 10 m, Turbulence: k,epsilon). Although the solution converges in both cases to residual values less then 1e-10, the calculated pressure drop differs by 0.3 Pa (74.1 - 74.4). Actually the Uy-components (perpendicular to main flow) of the velocity vary up to 30 % (absolute 1e-4). Can anyone explain why these differences occur?

Best regards,
Marco Hilgert

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