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ploceus December 7, 2005 18:32

Hi. I have an axisymmetrica

I have an axisymmetrical problem (cylinder) where a nozzle ejects water at high speed from one end of cylinder (inlet). The water sucks air from another opening from the same inlet side. The water and air mixes down the tube and exhausts to outlet. The speeds I'm interested is in supersonic range.

I created the grid using meshBlock and I tried to run twoPhaseEulerFoam but won't work. It gives the following message:

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR: Unkown discretization scheme <linear>
Valid schemes are:

I tried to change to other schemes in fvSchemes file but still produces same error.

Is twoPhaseEulerFoam right application to use?
If not, then which one I should use?


hjasak December 7, 2005 20:41

Looks like you've messed up yo
Looks like you've messed up your dictionary or have extra characters or missing semi-colons. The message above should tell you the name of the scheme it is missing, but all you get is a blank. I would suggest a close look at the format of the entries.



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