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evgenii November 26, 2005 09:54

Hi, everyone. My question i
Hi, everyone.

My question is about new case.
I wrote a new solver, compiled it with wmake, it works correctly. I copied configuration files from SYSTEM folder to USER folder, changed all configuration files to my solver configuration files keeping structure.(as it was described in Guides and some posts here).

Then I create a new case. If I don't change application class and it remains for example "icoFoam" it works, it really does. But in case browser it creates fields U and p instead of E and H I'm using in my solver. And if I change it, I receive message "invalid class application".

Should I register my solver somewhere else?

I understood (viewing some posts) that some people've faced this problem, but I still don't have clearance if it was succesfully solved.

mattijs November 26, 2005 10:20

icoFoam.cfg (or one of the fil
icoFoam.cfg (or one of the files it pulls in) specifies that it needs U,p. My guess is that your configuration files haven't been adapted correctly or haven't been read in.

When you create a new case and you have the pulldown for the application type does it show your new solver? If not it hasn't read in your config files.

I think it scans


for new solvers and


for new utilities.

vvqf November 29, 2005 16:56

Hi, Efimenko Evgenii, you can
Hi, Efimenko Evgenii,
you can change the .gif file?
I mean have you substituted gif pictures for U and p with E and H ?
If so, could you please tell me:
1. where do the "iconURL" directory lie? I can't find it.

2. Are there any requirements for the gif picture file, such as size?


evgenii December 2, 2005 08:49

Hi, Mattijs Janssens. I've tr
Hi, Mattijs Janssens.
I've tried to put my .cfg files to
but it still don't see it.
What should I do?
I don't have any thoughts about it.

mattijs December 2, 2005 11:28

FoamX will scan for XXX/Fo
FoamX will scan for


starting under


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