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sidgalt November 27, 2005 11:41

I have a couple of questions r
I have a couple of questions regarding mixer2D. I performed a search but couldn't find the answers to my question.

What do baffleWall and outsideSlider refer too?
Does insideSlider refer to the outer boundary of the mixer?

Thanks in advance.

hjasak November 27, 2005 13:51

You should try using a post-pr
You should try using a post-processing tool and look at these pieces individually. In short:

- impellerWall is the rotating part, including the mixer blades
- baffleWall is the outside surface of the mixer vessel

The definition of the sliding interface mesh modifier requires two surfaces that slide across each other. This insideSlider the the outside surface of the rotating part and the outsideSlider is the internal surface or the stationary part. Both are used to define the sliding interface mesh modifier.



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