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mer November 23, 2005 12:21

Hi, I don't know the OpenFoam
I don't know the OpenFoam very well, but I ask on the strategy used to impose boundary conditions within the code.
If I generate my mesh with blockMesh utility and I have some boundary conditions to implement for my case, should I pass via the FoamX or I can try directly the boundary file? the problem here is with the number of patchs, when I start and when I stoped if I do it manually?

please tel me if i'm wrong in the way.

mattijs November 24, 2005 14:53

You can change the patch types
You can change the patch types by hand (as long as they're consistent with the field types).

You cannot change the number of faces or starting face.

You can add/remove zero-sized patches to/from the end of the boundary list.

However unless you really know what you're doing better stick with FoamX.

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