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fabianpk November 9, 2005 05:46

Hello, I have a bit of a pro
I have a bit of a problem with Foam not solving everything I want it to solve. It used to be that it didn't solve for density, but I could solve that by taking a very small timestep and then restarting the calculation (of course, this was only done for testing purposes). However, now it solves for rho (which I initialize together with p using a version of potentialFoam), but it doesn't solve for p!
I use pressureInlet conditions for the velocity, and fixed values for p and rho (except at the outlet for rho I have zerogradient).
It's a compressible case.

Does it skip the solving because it thinks that the difference will be too small? My timesteps are of order 2e-10s, and my time of interest about 1e-3.


hjasak November 9, 2005 07:24

The solver is always called in
The solver is always called in the right sequence so the only thing that may have happened is that the code thinks that the equation is already solved. If you really want it solve, try tightening the tolerances; for more info, switch on the lduMatrix debug switch.



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