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didomenico October 22, 2005 13:47

Hi Foamers I have tried the
Hi Foamers
I have tried the forwardStep tutorial and the results are not as they are presented in the Programmer's Guide. In particular the flow is chocked and only a normal shock ahead the obstacle is predicted. Changes in numerical discretization do not affect the results. If I start the calculation with a smaller obstacle's height (10% of the channel) I get a solution similar to the guide's picture (normal + oblique shocks) but switching to the original grid gives again the normal shock.
I have also checked with the isentropic tables that the ration A/A* is 4.2, therefore this channel should not be chocked, should it?
If you have any suggestion, let me know.

kupiainen November 2, 2005 12:57

I have also tried this test ca
I have also tried this test case some months ago. You should really look for the original paper by Woodward & Collella (JCP) for the correct results. I have posted some questions and issues with OpenFOAM solver for compressible problems. You will have problems using the existing OpenFOAM solvers for solving compressible problems.

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