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brahim October 11, 2005 11:45

hello, i need a help how can
i need a help how can we use Openfoam for creating a rotating object onto an axis. for example, an impeller into a reactor in 3d.

billy October 11, 2005 15:16

If you have the CAD model, you
If you have the CAD model, you can mesh it using a mesher and then import it into OpenFOAM. OpenFOAM can read several formats. Take a look at:

mattijs October 12, 2005 03:55

The mixer2D tutorial has slidi
The mixer2D tutorial has sliding (rotating) meshes if that is what you want.

brahim October 12, 2005 09:29

thank you , I looked at the ca
thank you , I looked at the case of mixer2D but I wanted to make turn an impeller created by Gambit in 3d and I ask if possible to modify the code of mixer2D which is valid only for one grid 2d, and if you have some remarks!.
thanks again.

brahim October 26, 2005 11:36

hello, I imported an object
I imported an object extension .msh from gambit and I wanted to turn it by OpenFoam,and by using the sliding mesh to turn the object on an axis of rotation a problem occurred initially :FOAM FATAL ERROR : Not all zones and patches needed in the definition have been found. Please check your mesh definition.
after,i changed the notation and I used those of the code src/topoFvMesh/mixerFvMesh/mixerFvMesh.C and here the problem:
-> FOAM FATAL ERROR : Bad points.

From function void plane::calcPntAndVec
const point&,
const point&,
const point&
i thank you four helping me.

eugene October 26, 2005 13:49

That error occurs because the
That error occurs because the code is trying to creat an illegal plane, i.e. all the points passed to the plane constructor lie in a straight line.

Not sure how or why this happens in mixerFvMesh.C
My guess is it is a tolerance issue.

The best way to fix it would be to check for this condition before constructing a plane (or building the check into the plane constructor) and having some exception handling. To find out were the problem is happening, you will have to compile the application with debug switches and do a core trace via gdb.

Keep us updated.

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