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hani October 19, 2005 10:06

I'm having a problem generatin
I'm having a problem generating a solution with the turbFoam solver, and I have been recommended to write an unsteady SIMPLE solver. Has anyone done this already?

My problem with the turbFoam solver can be that there is a big difference in Courant numbers throughout the mesh. Did anyone have any experience on this?

I have tried two different quite different 3D cases with two different grids, for which I am able to get steady solutions using simpleFoam.


hani October 25, 2005 05:23

Where can I find information o
Where can I find information on the following:
(I have searched the forum and the manual, but I can of course have missed it)

What is the difference between
tmp<fvvectormatrix> UEqn; and
fvVectorMatrix UEqn;
The former occurs in simpleFoam and the latter occurs in turbFoam. In simpleFoam the UEqn is cleared after use (UEqn.clear();). Does this have anything to do with the difference? When running without the clear statement in simpleFoam I seem to run out of memory. Why is that not the case with fvVectorMatrix UEqn; in turbFoam?

What are A() and H() in simpleFoam and turbFoam?


hani October 25, 2005 11:17

Sorry, I see that some bracket
Sorry, I see that some brackets are missing in the distributed e-mail for some reason. The complete message is however available in the forum.

I guess that someone knows the answers?


mattijs October 25, 2005 13:43

tmp is just a container class
tmp is just a container class to aid memory management for allocated objects.

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