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maritozzo October 18, 2005 10:30

Hello i'm analysing an airfoil
Hello i'm analysing an airfoil and trying to obtain lift and drag coeffients. I used a 2d mesh but I know that OpenFoam treats the mesh as it is 3dimensional so i would like to know if when i calculate the forces acting on the airfoil using the lift drag application i obtain a force per unit span acting on a 2d element or i must consider it as a force acting on a 3d element.

Please answer

hjasak October 18, 2005 10:54

Yes, all meshes in FOAM will b
Yes, all meshes in FOAM will be 3-D. For 2-D, the mesh will be one cell thick. If you want ot know how thick it is, have a look at the points file in constant/polyMesh or write a little application asking for a bounding box of the mesh.



hani October 18, 2005 11:05

Instead of writing a bounding
Instead of writing a bounding box application, just run checkMesh and look through the output. You will find the bounding box information there.

However, I don't think this is the answer to the original question - what dimensions your lift drag application gives you. I haven't used it, so I don't know. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't waste your time writing a bounding box application.


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