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maritozzo September 23, 2005 10:39

Hi i'm trying to analize a nac
Hi i'm trying to analize a naca 0012 airfoil at mach
0.2 and 2000 meters altitude. I'm using TurbFoam solver and my process crashes everytime.I've set this boundary conditions

velocity inlet
pressure outlet
airfoil (wall functions)
top and bottom (slip)

I've set a velocity value at the inlet and then the initial velocity field is set to zero.
The pressure value is the same for the outlet and the initial field
I've set a value for K and epsilon for the initial field and the velocity inlet

mattijs September 23, 2005 12:31

This you could investigate:
This you could investigate:

Do you get a memory fault (sigsegv etc.) or floating point error (sigfpu). Is it diverging? Are you running with FOAM_ABORT / FOAM_SIGFPE (see board)?
Is eps non-zero? Is there inflow at the outlet?

henriques September 26, 2005 05:42

Setting the initial velocity f
Setting the initial velocity field to zero is not a good ideia because you introduce a discontinuity at the inlet that is physically irrealistic and the equations become more stiff when aproaching the zero velocity.
I sugest you initialize all the initial field equal to the inlet boundary conditions.

maritozzo September 26, 2005 05:47

I solved this problem using so
I solved this problem using sonicTurbFoam solver,but now i have another problem:

I have a good velocity field but the pressure field is a bit strange. Someone can tell me if when i visualize p with paraview i'm visualizing dinamic pressure or static pressure?

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