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panara September 19, 2005 14:45

Dear all, I am using rhoTur
Dear all,

I am using rhoTurbFoam for a pulsating channel application. The case consists of a heated pulsating air channel.

If I start my computations directly using rhoTurbFoam the solver needs a really small time step in order to reach a stable solution.

In order to obtain a faster solution I tought to initialize the field with a solution from turbFoam on the same cold pulsating channel.

After the turbFoam case reached the convergence, I added the temperature field and tried to run the case under rhoTurbFoam. The dimension for the pressure and phi were wrong and I simply changed them...

The calculation was anyway unstable and I got very soon nan values.

did I make a mistake?
Is that the right way to initialize the turbulent field from turbFoam to rhoTurbFoam?

The flow is incompressible ( very low mach number ) and the problem is of forced-convection type.. (not strong buoyance effects). Is rhoTurbFoam the right solver?

how can I improve its stability?

any advice will be apreciated,



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