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dhanurao August 26, 2005 01:12

Trying to solve 2-D problem of
Trying to solve 2-D problem of wedge instead of forward step using sonicFoam. In z-direction boundary is empty.. even though rsiduals being computed in z-direction... I checked mesh.. It is single cell in z-direction with constant value. Checked boundary condition.. those are alright... what could be the reason...
Thank you

henry August 26, 2005 02:53

If it's a wedge shouldn't you
If it's a wedge shouldn't you be using wedge rather than empty? I assume you have read the user-guide and so you would already know this but I thought I would just check.

dhanurao August 26, 2005 14:15

I have changed the forward stw
I have changed the forward stwep problem. Obstacle boundary condition is implemented to two patches... There I merged two patches into single one such a way that (x1,y1): (0.6, 0) & (x2, y2): (3.0, 0.2) connected with single straight line... then why should it calculate the Uz component even I gave emprty boundary condition in z-direction...
if u find answer for that I should be thankful to u

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