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tsjb00 August 24, 2005 17:47

Hi. I am doing LES for a free,
Hi. I am doing LES for a free, non-reactive jet, where cold fuel jet flows into quiescent hot air. hCombustionThermo is used for species mixing and compressible LES model is used for the flow. When the temperature difference between the jet and the surroundings is huge, the code collapses after a few time steps. The temperature in some cells goes wildly high and exceeds the temperature limits for janafThermo. I do turn off the chemical reaction and no chemical source term is included in h equation. I also try using TVD scheme for interpolation. However, it still doesn't work for big temperature difference. Please tell me how to solve this problem. Many thanks!


hjasak August 24, 2005 19:13

Sounds like a numerics problem
Sounds like a numerics problem to me. What is your mesh like: orthogonality, skewness, near the boundaries? Do you get any useful info from checkMesh?

I would try switching the convection schemes to upwind and using limited laplacian schemes, e.g.

laplacian(muEff,U) Gauss linear limited 0.5;

(between 0.5 and 1, depending on how bad the mesh is).

If that does not help, have a careful look at your setup and boundary conditions - there must be something not quite right, e.g. inflow through pressure boundary or similar. Also, have a look at the solution to see where the problem appears - that may tell you a good deal. Of course, there's no point looking at it when it has blown up - dump the results often and try to find out what has gone wrong first.

Keep us posted :-)


niklas August 25, 2005 02:14

Hi, Are you using the multi

Are you using the multivariate scheme?
If not there will be a numerical difference in how
enthalpy and species are transported which will result in an artificial change in temperature.


tsjb00 August 25, 2005 12:26

Hi! I check the mesh and the s
Hi! I check the mesh and the schemes. The mesh seems ok, but changing the convection schemes does work. I am still running the program to get the fully developed flow.Hope it will work well this time. Thank you all for your kindly help!

Best regards,


tsjb00 August 25, 2005 13:33

One more quick question. If I
One more quick question. If I want to use the non-reactive solution as the initial condition for modeling reactive flow, should I just set the start time to the one corresponding to the directory of non-reactive solution? Or should I just use the directory of previous solution as 0? I assume the solver will load in the solution from the directory of start time and resume calculation, is that so? Thanks again!


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