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tsjb00 August 10, 2005 21:07

Hello,there! I have some quest
Hello,there! I have some questions about modelling turbulent reacting flow.

1. It seems to me the information of species and reaction mechanism is defined in thermophysicalProperties dictionary. Is this correct?
2. How is thermophysicalProperties read into a case? Is it read by chemistry readers? Is it done automatically? If not, which part of the program does this? If I don't use chemkin reader, can I just list all species in the dictionary?
3. Where can I find more details about thermophysicalProperties dictionary besides Chapter 8? Such as definition of entries, how they should be used for different combustion models.
4. I am trying to model a turbulent jet flow. How can I apply the boundary condition concerning species mass fraction at main jet and coflow?

Thanks and best regards!


lucchini August 12, 2005 05:09

Hi JB, You can start having a
Hi JB,
You can start having a look at the dieselFoam tutorial case called aachenBomb. Now I try to answer to your questions...

1) It is correct in some way. Looking in the thermophysical properties of the dieselFoam tutorial case you will note that you have to create two additional files. In the first one you will have to define the species and the chemical mechanism, in the second the thermodynamic properties of the species. They are in the /chemkin directory.

2-3) please have a look to the hCombustionThermo, hMixtureThermo, combustionMixture, multiComponentMixture and reactingMixture classes which are defined in the $FOAM_SRC/thermophysicalModels/combustion

4) Look in the /0 directory of the aachenBomb tutorial case.



tsjb00 August 15, 2005 16:04

Thanks a lot! Your suggestions
Thanks a lot! Your suggestions are really helpful!

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