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amelia August 2, 2005 17:00

Hi, I would like to adapt the
Hi, I would like to adapt the settlingFoam for my study (sediment erosion, transport and deposition in a long rectangular chanel). Can somebody give me the papers's reference in order I see the conditions with more detail?


hjasak August 2, 2005 17:03

Heya, You want the PhD Thes

You want the PhD Thesis from Dan Brennan:

The Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase
Flows in Settling Tanks, Imperial College 2001

I'm not sure if there's a paper as well...



bojiezhang August 21, 2011 09:15

HI :

Do you have succeded in sediment erosion, transport and deposition by using settlingFoam? I have seen others using interFoam. I do not know which is better or they are all needed, can you tell me! Thank you !


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