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liu July 15, 2005 00:11

I found that PrimitivePatch di
I found that PrimitivePatch didn't implement two functions: internalEdges() and boundaryEdges().
These two functions are used in PrimitivePatchInterpolation<patch>::faceToEdgeInte rpolate().
If we don't use "faceToEdgeInterpolate" function, everything is fine.

So I implemented those two functions in class PrimitivePatch.

But, when I try to compile the library with "wmake libso OpenFOAM" command, it's so so slow. The compiler works very hard to compile everything in the directory of OpenFOAM.

Since I only changed a little in the library code, is there any method to only compile these changes and make the library? I mean don't recompile all files to get those object files.

hjasak July 15, 2005 02:49

PrimitivePatch is templated on
PrimitivePatch is templated on the type of container that holds the faces and what the compiler is doing is OK - there is a LOT of code depending on PrimitivePatch. As for internal and boundary edges, the organisation of code has changed. Edges are ordered such that the internal edges come first, up to nInternalEdges() and are followed by the boundayr edges. I am not sure why the faceToEdgeInterpolate code was not fixed, but I'll have a look - should be easy.


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