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jvn June 28, 2005 22:14

I'm curious if any supersonic
I'm curious if any supersonic combustion study has been performed using OpenFOAM. If anyone has done so, I'd like to know what solver scheme was used and if the results were validated.

henry June 29, 2005 06:22

Yes I have done some supersoni
Yes I have done some supersonic combustion studies using XiFoam (RANS) and Xoodles (LES) using both my own flame-area model (Xi-model) and using reduced chemistry (1-step with the kinetics fitted to laminar flame speed data). I used the Volvo-rig data (triangular-prism bluff-body) for validation and the results were promising with both methods but the experimental data contains some big uncertainties, inlet composition being the biggest concern but also there discrepancies between the composition and temperature measurements which made it difficult to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the simulation techniques. None of this work was written-up.

hello2ap August 28, 2010 21:37

plz tell me some procedure to cdo supersonic combustion

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