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liu June 27, 2005 19:56

I have seen in several places
I have seen in several places that the new structure of version 1.1(especially new Time class) can easily handle multi-mesh or multi-regions. But how to do that?

My approach is a little bit ugly. I created two Time instances(runTime_mesh1 and runTime_mesh2). And use these two to create 2 seperate fvMesh. For one procesor, it runs ok. But for parallel computing, I am stucted. I have read the Pstream class code. The problem is sitting inside. I am still trying to work around.

Thank you!

panara June 28, 2005 07:25

Dear Xiaofeng, I am interes
Dear Xiaofeng,

I am interested in your case, could you upload your solver and modifications?

I am also having problem with parallelizations.

I am using a timedependent Boundary Condition that works fine in single processor mode but I have problem in parallel mode..


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