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liu May 23, 2005 18:45

How to sample arbitrary point
How to sample arbitrary point value at the patch if we have BoundaryField?

The problem I am solving is fluid structure interaction. Two meshes(one for fluid domain, the other for structure domain) are used. I can use patchToPatchInterpolation to couple the patches on both sides of the interface(BTW, could anybody give me an example of patchToPatchInterpolation?). But unfortunately, the structure problem is 2D. That means the patch on the structure side is an empty patch. In fact, I want to mapping a BoundaryField into a 2D volume mesh. One of the way to do this is just as my question: sample data on that patch.

Does anyone have good suggestions?

hjasak May 24, 2005 07:49

The patch to patch interpolati
The patch to patch interpolation class is templated on the type of patch. Therefore, you should be able to create a patch by putting a cutting plane through your 2-D geometry and then doing patch-to-patch interpolation from the cut onto the boundary patch on the other side.



liu May 24, 2005 17:11

Thanks, Hrv. Now I can mapp
Thanks, Hrv.

Now I can mapping between the cutting plane and the fluid patch. The problem now is how to "mapping" between the cutting plane and the 2D volume.

I know that the cutting plane can sample the 2D volume.

hjasak May 25, 2005 06:52

Well, in FOAM a 2-D geometry w
Well, in FOAM a 2-D geometry will actually be a 1-cell thick layer of 3-D cells. If you put a cutting plane through it, you will get a 2-D slice and all will be well.



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