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bram_de_jager May 24, 2005 07:16

Dear people, I modified the d
Dear people,
I modified the dieselFoam application (removed spray part and Chalmers PaSR model) in order to simulate laminar detailed chemistry with OpenFoam. However, looking at the transport equation definition for the species vector, there is no laminar diffusion term defined. Has anyone implemented this into FOAM? What I would like to do is, to implement some mixture-averaged diffusion coefficient (all species diffuse into N2)?

Is this available somewhere within Foam or the community allready? Or is this something that I have to implement myself?

Thanks in advance,

niklas May 24, 2005 07:40

Hi, that is correct, the Sc

that is correct, the Schmidt number is set to 1 here, i.e mass diffusion = momentum diffusion,
and all species have the same diffusion coeff,
this is not a worse assumption than others for the dieselFoam application.

If you want to have something else you have to write it yourself, but that should be quite easy.
The diffucult part was the chemkin reader


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