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kupiainen May 18, 2005 03:14

Hi, what does the lInf paramet
Hi, what does the lInf parameter mean in pressureTransmissive b.c.?
For instance:
type pressureTransmissive;
pInf 515000;
lInf 1;
value uniform 515000;
Is it the length to the place where pInf is extrapolated from? In this case, in what units is the length given? If I used a
convertToMeters 0.0635;
in my blockMeshDict, does this b.c. see this conversion or do I have to make sure myself that it has the correct value? All in all what does this lInf mean?
best regards

henry May 18, 2005 03:46

lInf is the relaxation length-
lInf is the relaxation length-scale (in m) for outgoing pressure waves to return to pInf. This stops the pressure in the domain floating about it the inlet pressure is not specified.

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