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luckyluke April 29, 2005 20:30

Under this folder: OpenFOAM-1
Under this folder:
OpenFOAM-1.1\applications\utilities\postProcessing\graphics \PVFoamReader\vtkFoam \Make, the file 'option' reads:
-I$(ParaView_INST_DIR)/include/vtk \


What is the value of $(GLIBS)? I type 'echo $GLIBS', it return nothing. Somthing wrong?

A simliar question is found in another 'option' file: -I$(LIB_SRC)/cfdTools/incompressible \. $(LIB_SRC)=?

Pls help me.


mattijs April 30, 2005 09:02

Type 'wmake' and see what it u
Type 'wmake' and see what it uses.

All 'wmake' variables come from (in this order)

- $WM_DIR/rules/General/general
- $WM_DIR/rules/${WM_ARCH}${WM_COMPILER}/general
- $WM_DIR/rules/${WM_ARCH}/c++

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