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gopala April 25, 2005 10:10

Hello, I am trying to simul

I am trying to simulate a bubble breakage problem (air bubble with water jet impinging on it).

As a first trial I used the "wallNoSurfaceTension" as the physicalType for walls in the polyMesh/boundary file and it works fine.

Now that I want to use the "gammaContactAngle" on the walls for the gamma field, I could not find the format to specify this. Could someone please help me on how to use it?

Thanks in advance.


hjasak April 26, 2005 03:09

Try: impactWall

type gammaContactAngle;
theta0 93.5; // Equilibrium [Deg]
uTheta 0.5; // Velocity coeff [m/s]
thetaA 97.0; // Advancing [Deg];
thetaR 90.0; // Receeding [Deg];
value uniform 0;

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