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braennstroem April 12, 2005 05:39

Hi, at our institute we did

at our institute we did some modifications in fluent for the standard k-epsilon model via 'user defined functions'.
The simplest ones were just to modify the source terms.
Doing those modifications should be pretty easy in OpenFoam too; at least I expect that for an opensource code.

Now, I took a look at the files in
there are two sections for the dissipation and kinetic energy eqn.
Is this the only place I should care when adjusting the model or are there more to look at?
Then a Allwmake for the source should do the job to integrate the new code!?

Best Greetings!

mattijs April 12, 2005 08:09

You are right. All the code sp
You are right. All the code specific to the incompressible k-epsilon is in that directory.

Better even would be to create a copy of those files and rename them (and the class inside them). Make sure you change the TypeName in the .H file as well. Compile them (change Make/files) and you'll have your own turbulence model.

braennstroem April 12, 2005 09:52

Hi Mattijs, thanks! That so
Hi Mattijs,

thanks! That sounds great!
I think that helps to convince my Prof. using it :-)


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