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bannari April 10, 2005 13:15

In pitzDaily example with sim
In pitzDaily example with simpleFoam solver, when I make a big number of iteration in steady state regime, although the regime is established the solver continue to iterate until a Tmax .
I think that it would be better to add an other test of convergence with the maximum iteration count . the loop will be stopped in the first criteria reached.
thanks a lot

mattijs April 11, 2005 05:03

What kind of convergence? Init
What kind of convergence? Initial solver residual? What variable? Or maybe when some (integral) value has stabilized? Lift? Drag? Recirculation length?

There are too many choices so we chose to implement none ;-)

(We tend to look at the initial solver residuals for simple flow problems)

Feel free to implement your own though! You have all the sources of the solvers and the control structure is really easy.

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