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liqiangnwpu March 26, 2005 08:04

I am doing LES of sprays combu
I am doing LES of sprays combustion in supersonic flows, and I am good at C++, can any one give me a comprehensive instruction on compiling such an application using OpenFOAM.
Thanks in advance

eugene March 26, 2005 14:20

The best thing to do would be
The best thing to do would be to start from an existing application and modify it to suite your needs.

In your case you need to take the LES combustion code Xoodles from OpenFOAM-1.1.1/applications/solvers/combustion/Xoodles and modify it with the spray and combustion stuff from dieselEngineFoam.

Instructions on compiling your own applications can be found in section 3.2 of the users guide.

Once you have the app working, consider sending it to opencfd with a test case to be included in the official release.

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