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hsieh March 14, 2005 16:25

Hi, It looks like the OpenF

It looks like the OpenFOAM development team might be interested in fluid/structure interaction type of problem. I am just wondering if this is true and what is being planned. Thanks!


chris March 15, 2005 08:33

Some fluid-structure interacti
Some fluid-structure interaction (FSI) work has been done with OpenFOAM. I say "some" because FSI is a broad term covering a huge range of problems that can be very different in nature. Different types of FSI require different numerical techniques and algorithms. We are interested in doing basic development work but it needs to be driven by end-users who have a need to solve specific FSI problems and wish to contribute to its development.

quaranta March 15, 2005 11:14

Hi, I'm part of a group whi

I'm part of a group which is intereseted in
developing FSI models for aeronautical problems,
which include fixed and rotary wings aerodynamics.
I am currently using different CFD solvers, which
include internally developed Euler and RANS codes,
however I'm planning to start testing OpenFOAM for
FSI applications as soon as possible.

We will be glad to contribute to the developing
of an FSI module for OpenFOAM, and to share our
experience in the solution of those types of
problems with the whole community.

Thank you for your great job and for contributing
to the Open Source scientific community!


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