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Paul Wells (Wells) January 28, 2005 09:02

I have not yet installed or r
I have not yet installed or run OpenFoam, and I couldn't find anything after a quick look through the documentation, so please forgive this very basic question:

How do I read in geometry to the mesher? Can I import iges or any CAD format? or do I have to output lists of points to format as an input file?

Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) January 28, 2005 09:19

You need to generate complex m
You need to generate complex meshes for OpenFOAM in an external application like Harpoon, ICEM, Gridgen, Netgen, Gambit etc. each of which has its own import requirements. (Check mesh conversion in the manual). The current release of OpenFOAM only has a basic block based mesh generator.

tchavdarov March 10, 2005 01:54

Hi Eugene, You mentioned ab
Hi Eugene,

You mentioned above Gridgen. Which utility converts Gridgen mesh to FOAM mesh?


eugene March 10, 2005 04:21

You either export a star or fl
You either export a star or fluent mesh and then convert that into Foam format.

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