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Ho Hsing (Hsing) March 3, 2005 18:19

Is it possible to let the ico
Is it possible to let the icoFoam calculate "deltaT" by itself to satisfy the CFL condition instead of setting to be a fix value?

Henry Weller (Henry) March 3, 2005 18:24

Dynmically adjusting deltaT i
Dynmically adjusting deltaT is used in several OpenFOAM codes but not in icoFoam because that is simple example code which we wanted to keep as simple as possible. However, it is easy to add this functionality, have a look at say interFoam and transfer the relevant parts across to icoFoam.

hsing March 9, 2005 19:24

Thanks, Henry, I added a coup
Thanks, Henry,
I added a couple of lines copied from the interFoam.C to icoFoam.C in order to make it dynamically adjust deltaT. The new solver runs fine for single node computing. However it gets into trouble when I set it to run in parallel mode.

Do you know what kind of problem it may be?

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