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Juergen Almanstoetter (Almanstoetter) January 24, 2005 03:48

Hi, I am new to OpenFOAM a

I am new to OpenFOAM and just went through the examples in the manual. Looks very powerfull !

Unfortuneatley I haven't found a case where two domains with different physics but the same variable fields (e.g. temperature) are coupled to each other.

I would like to solve a domain with Navier-Stokes and temperature equation, which is coupled to a wall in which only the temperature equation (solid wall) should be solved.
(In addition the solid wall on its opposite side should be cooled be convection and radiation = h*(T-T0)+eps*sigma*(T^4-T0^4) ).

How can such two different mesh domains handled with OpenFOAM ? How to define the boundary condition between both?
It would be very helpful for me to obtain a small example for a similar case, to see how I can use OpenFOAM for this problem.

Best regards,


Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) January 24, 2005 12:32

Hi Juergen, What you requi
Hi Juergen,

What you require does not currently exist as an application in OpenFOAM.

The easiest way to get this functionality would be to contract openCFD to implement it for you. Barring this, foam includes all the necessary tools for you to build such a solver yourself.

As an example, one possible way would be to construct 2 meshes; one for the fluid domain on which to solve the NS equations and another consisting of both the fluid and solid domains on which you can solve the enthalpy. You then construct a map to transfer the necessary flow properties to the enthalpy equation at each timestep.


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