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Apurva Shukla (Shukla) January 24, 2005 04:25

Hi, I would like to simula

I would like to simulate gear pump using FOAMs automated mesh motion capability. Only thing I want to know is that can foam accomodate deforming meshes.



Hrvoje Jasak (Hjasak) January 24, 2005 04:38

Yes. I have implemented an a
Yes. I have implemented an automatic mesh motion solver (that I am rather proud of), where you give it the prescribed boundary motion and it calculates the deformation of the mesh. The rest of the FVM already works with moving meshes. As for the solvers that use it, have a look at icoFoamAutoMotion.

You can also use topological changes (layer addition/removal, in your case), but that is more difficult.


Henry Weller (Henry) January 24, 2005 08:27

Currently OpenFOAM is not pro
Currently OpenFOAM is not properly setup to run rotating machinery problems (with the exception of the simple 2D mixer vessel tutorial) but there seems to be growing interest in having this functionality, paricularly MRF and rotating sliding interfaces in 3D. If we can find sponsorship for this work we will implement MRF and wrap the sliding interface functionality so make it easier to setup and run rotating machinery problems and provide a set of tutorial cases. But you must understand that this is a considerable amount of work and could not be undertaken without sponsorship.

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